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Just a Salad for me with a Side of Superga…Yummy!

The FashionPop girls are big fans of Supergas and have been for years (yes, before they were cool) and we can’t wait to get our hands on Superga latest range.  The announcement came last week when they informed their fans on their website that they are teaming up with the no.1 Italian fashion blogger, The Blonde Salad.  The italian beauty has designed a range of uber cool, hipster and undoubtedly cute designs that are driving us crazy!  

Last look from Milano | The Blonde Salad

The latest edition of designed sneakers to hit the superga range of beauties comes from Chiara Ferragni and since she knows fashion, we just had to tell you all about her too.  

Who is the Blonde Salad, AKA Chiara Ferragni?  

She is a 20 something fashion blogger/Law student from Italy  she started her fashion blog in 2009 and it skyrocketed from the get go. Her jump start into the fashion blogging world was an obvious effect due to her natural sense of style and isn’t afraid to show it.  she gives her tips on what to wear, what not to wear and how to make due with what you’ve got.  She loves her couture and her street brands too, especially Superga.  

The Designs

So lets delve deep into the designs that she has launched for the comfortable italian shoe brand.

There is the FashionPop Girls favourite and that’s the spotted (brown and black) design. This print comes close to wearing giraffe and animal print and that is back this autum/fall.  It has a cute design and it can be worn with both dark and light colours. It is both eye catching and funky at the same time!  Wait, did we mention we love giraffes and sneakers and now they’re combined!


The other funky style is the camouflage (green, brown and black) design.  This cool and much needed print of the season following through to next summer is emblazoned on the supergas shoe.  These can be worn with any style you like as long as you are not doubling up on prints.  

If you are going to stick to a print across your outfit then try to only repeat it in a scarf in order to compliment the shoes!  This touch of print on your shoes will instantly transform you into a fashionista without even trying too hard.


Both come in the cotton lining version and and their signature rubber sole.  

If you want to combine trend and sophistication, then the third design is the one for you.  

The idea, spawned by two Italian brands, brings a leather upper print of a crocodile skin effect, cotton lining, a 4cm platform and cured natural rubber sole. This is only available in black.


(Photos from

The Blonde Salad isn’t the only designer range from Superga.  There is an especially popular range from The Man Repeller that was launched earlier this year.  

We can’t wait to get your hands on these, and hope you get to buy them too!  

Both models will be available as a limited edition from October 28th so make sure to order yours ASAP!

Want Jennifer Aniston’s City Celeb Style? This is how to copy it!

We love Jennifer! we just do. She recently took a trip with boyfriend Justin Theroux to lovely, lovely Paris, and after a change of clothes after landing, Jennifer became city chic in a matter of a camera snap.

Jennifer chose to roam the romantic city in a classic-slash-cool look: a navy ultra-amazing double-breasted blazer with gold buttons, a white tank (oh so classic), cuffed jeans, super comfy (perfect for that city chic look) Superga trainers. She topped off the outfit with mirrored aviators, a brown bag and a printed Balmain scarf.

(photo from: 

If you have a city break coming up, then you’ll want to look cute, hot, sophisticated and all round Jennifer-tastic! Take a leaf out of Jennifer’s laid-back chic look on one of your days out and about and make those locals feel like they should be copying you!