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Adorable Fashion: 5 Reasons Why you Need to Know Alonso Mateo

We love fashion, and we love pop culture and when those two come together, you get Fashion Pop!

The FashionPop team came across a little fellow who just loves fashion, and isn’t afraid to show it to the world. Infact, he has used our fave photo sharing platform to show us his swagger and style. Meet Alonso Mateo. This little fashion-icon posts daily trendy selfies of his personal style on his Instagram account. His adorable poses make it all that cuter and stylish.  Perhaps a future fashion big shot?

In each gram pic, he strikes a confident pose, hand nearly always in pocket, looking off into the far distance. The pics could be right off the fashion pages of GQ but they’re not.

The quality is so good that these micro fashion shoots with uber cool location such as palm trees, swimming pool and of course some cute dogs, look like he is prince of fashion and is loving it too.

He certainly has created quite a buzz on social media platform instagram, and its ever growing.  

With a fashion stylist mother, lets see how the tiny guy impresses us fashion lovers!

1. He knows how to pull off shades 


(Image from Alonso’s Official Instagram account:

Everyone loves to wear shades, especially in the summer and when you look cool wearing them who can resist.  Some can pull of some styles while others make the glasses look seriously uncool (you need to know what suits your face).  Alonso, with his perfect swagger, can wear any pair of sunnies like they were made for him and still make you wish he was your baby brother.  His particular favourite style are aviators but anything goes for this little guy.


(Image source:

2. He loves a good blazer 

The boy likes to keep warm in style!  What can we say?  We love it! Maybe he will be the new royal baby’s style adviser for tot fashion? One of his favourite style trends is to colour coordinate his blazers. He wears them with jeans, a dress shirt, and he has even tried timeless smart blazers. Cute cute cute!  


(Image from Instagram:

3. He dresses better than most guys we know

It’s every girls dream to have a son one day that we can dress to perfection but whats important is that, like many of the great leaders of the world, he has a wonderful woman behind him.  Alonso’s mother is the woman behind the little man’s success, being a stylist herself, she goes shopping with the little man at every opportunity and helps him decide on all the cute outfits he wears.  Together, the Mateos are real style icon we should be watching.  

4. He follows the rules of fashion 

He doesn’t mix colours that could clash, and he certainly doesn’t wear socks with sandals! Now that we think about it, he hasn’t been in a pair of sweatpants in any picture we have seen.  Pure fashion all the way and its just a shared hobby for him and his mum (awww).   

5. He is grounded, despite all the attention

He’s cool as a cucumber, and a good boy!  


(image from:

Conclusion?  We love him and can’t wait to see him grow up into a man with followers who love and emulate his fab style!  

Want Jennifer Aniston’s City Celeb Style? This is how to copy it!

We love Jennifer! we just do. She recently took a trip with boyfriend Justin Theroux to lovely, lovely Paris, and after a change of clothes after landing, Jennifer became city chic in a matter of a camera snap.

Jennifer chose to roam the romantic city in a classic-slash-cool look: a navy ultra-amazing double-breasted blazer with gold buttons, a white tank (oh so classic), cuffed jeans, super comfy (perfect for that city chic look) Superga trainers. She topped off the outfit with mirrored aviators, a brown bag and a printed Balmain scarf.

(photo from: 

If you have a city break coming up, then you’ll want to look cute, hot, sophisticated and all round Jennifer-tastic! Take a leaf out of Jennifer’s laid-back chic look on one of your days out and about and make those locals feel like they should be copying you!