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Gindi Tel Aviv Fashion Week 2014

So, we finally made it over to Tel Aviv. We’ve been wanting to visit this city for years now and finally it happened!

We were kindly invited to view the new collection from Israeli Fashion designer, Yaron Minkovski, who’s studio and shop are based in the heart of this great city.



The instagram Wall in the Reception Area!

We arrived on the morning of the show, ready to meet and mingle with everyone and we weren’t disappointed in the friendliness of everyone we met.  

One thing we have to say is that not only are all the designers featured in this TLV Fashion Week unbelievably creative but the Creative Director of the entire production, Motty Reif is something else. He is an inspiring man that made the experience a whole lot better for everyone involved. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to meet the man himself to congratulate him on the job well done but we hope to next time we visit this great city (hopefully with more time to spend exploring the country).

The Show: Yaron Minkovski (in Pictures)















Oscars 2014 Special: Some of The Dresses That Made Us Go “Ooooohh”

Some of the dresses this year on the Oscars 2014 Red Carpet made us litterally go “oooohh!” How can these dresses be so beautiful??

Well, here’s a list of who wore what on the red carpet so have a think about what you would rate them on their “Ooohh” Factor!

Sandra Bullock: 



Jennifer Lawrence: She looked striking in Dior!



Cate Blanchett: 



The Pitts:



Lupita Nyong’o: This lovely lady impressed us in Prada!



Julia Roberts:



Jared Leto:



Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves:



Meryl Streep: Elegant as always and beaming with class! Love her!



Kevin Spacey: Looks like Navy Blue was the colour of the night for the Men in Tuxes! Hot!



Joseph Gordon-Levitt: How can one person look adorable and hot at the same time?!



Anne Hathaway:



Charlize Theron: Wow! Gorgeous in gorgeous Dior!



Alfonso Cuaron and Sheherazade Goldsmith:



Channing Tatum, and Jenna Dewan:



Kate Hudson:



We hope you liked what you saw! This year’s red carpet didn’t disappoint and we’re happy for that!

Why Ellen’s Epic Selfie Was The Most Retweeted Selfie EVER!

Ellen’s tweeted photo selfie from the Oscar’s Ceremony was the most Retweeted photo ever on the social news site, Twitter.

If only Bradley’s arm was longer. Best photo ever. #oscars


— Ellen DeGeneres (@TheEllenShow) March 3, 2014

What made it so epic? Here’s a couple reasons why…

Impeccable time. Ellen tweeted this during the actual Oscars ceremony! If you don’t know much about timing and how important it is for your reach then take a note from Ellen’s book. She had an attentive audience during the show that were ready to hear every word she uttered/tweeted!

The most amount of celebrities in one selfie. How many celebrities can you get in a selfie photo? Well, Ellen tried to fill the photo up with as many as she could and got it. The level of celebrity was not too shabby too with the likes of the Pitts, Kevin Spacey, Bradley Cooper, Meryl Streep, J-Law and others!

That equation alone (you see you did need to learn math in high school) tells you why Ellen’s epic selfie tweet was the most retweeted tweet EVER!

I think Ellen should teach some selfie classes to the masses!

The highlights of the Red Carpet dresses is coming up next!

Here’s something else to make you #happy! WE CAN’T DEAL!


Grammy Pop - The Low Down!

If you are expecting to see a lot of colour a the Grammy awards, then think again! The hottest singers and celebs piled onto the red carpet to show off who they were wearing.

We saw black outfits, white outfits, cream, grey and few splashes of colour but the main contenders on the red carpet were the black and white dresses!

They were gorgeous and the stars looked like the stars they are! Congrats to all the winners of the night and check out the outfit we loved!

FashionPop of the Night!

Our favourite girl kelly Osbourne looking stunning in this dress by Badgley Mischka. The shoulders compliment her and make her look like the star she is.


Taylor Swift looked soo gorgeous in this shimmery crystal and chainmail Gucci Premiere gown. It certainly proves that the Grammy Awards can be a place for exceptional elegance.

Katy Perry looked in theme for the night in a white dress with musical notes on the lower half. This dress was a couture piece by Valentino.


Foxes looked all delightful in this black and white swirly number. This piece is from the wonderful and wacky Vivienne Westwood


Colbie Caillat looked stunning in a red dress by Ezra Santos. She looked glamorous and perhaps even more fit for the Oscars. But we still love her.


Fashion was not the main focus of the night but the top acts made sure to look glamorous and out of this world for the night! Im sure the partying went on until the early morning…we just hope the couture survived!

If you want to find us on Instagram, we’re grammin fashion and styles almost every day! Our Grammin Name: @GramminFashionPop

The Best of the Golden Globes Fashion

The 2014 Golden Globes happened last night and we were on watch to see who wore what and who wore it best!  we love the award season and tonight it got off on full force.  

Congrats to all the winners of the night and to all the nominees too!

The key colours were Red and sharp colours that were fashion pop’ing the red carpet!  we saw some beautiful gowns that we cant wait to tell you about!

We all need a classic black dress for that wedding or party we attend once in a while, but who says you also cant have a red dress?

Emma Watson looking gorgeous in this red dress by a draped dress-and-pant combo by Christian Dior, put together with suede heels and soft chignon.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, one of our favourite comedy woman, also went minimal with a haltered Narciso Rodriguez that softly hugged the “Veep” actress’s curves. She is a stunner in this classic dress that can stay in the closet for years to come!
The adorable Best-supporting-actress winner Jennifer Lawrence (“American Hustle”) broke up a white strapless Dior with thin, black ribbons — standing out among the rubies of the red carpet.  Ok, it wasn’t red, but it was still absolutely gorgeous and classic.
The gorgeous Allison Williams wearing the wonderful Alexander McQueen design.  Its black and white and slinks across her body to make this dress fit any one of us!  We could all relate to this dress, because it says classic and on trend at the same time. 
We cant wait for the awards season to get into full swing!  Come to Fashion pop for the latest as we will be at all the events, if not, then staying up in our PJ’s to report just for you!

Just a Salad for me with a Side of Superga…Yummy!

The FashionPop girls are big fans of Supergas and have been for years (yes, before they were cool) and we can’t wait to get our hands on Superga latest range.  The announcement came last week when they informed their fans on their website that they are teaming up with the no.1 Italian fashion blogger, The Blonde Salad.  The italian beauty has designed a range of uber cool, hipster and undoubtedly cute designs that are driving us crazy!  

Last look from Milano | The Blonde Salad

The latest edition of designed sneakers to hit the superga range of beauties comes from Chiara Ferragni and since she knows fashion, we just had to tell you all about her too.  

Who is the Blonde Salad, AKA Chiara Ferragni?  

She is a 20 something fashion blogger/Law student from Italy  she started her fashion blog in 2009 and it skyrocketed from the get go. Her jump start into the fashion blogging world was an obvious effect due to her natural sense of style and isn’t afraid to show it.  she gives her tips on what to wear, what not to wear and how to make due with what you’ve got.  She loves her couture and her street brands too, especially Superga.  

The Designs

So lets delve deep into the designs that she has launched for the comfortable italian shoe brand.

There is the FashionPop Girls favourite and that’s the spotted (brown and black) design. This print comes close to wearing giraffe and animal print and that is back this autum/fall.  It has a cute design and it can be worn with both dark and light colours. It is both eye catching and funky at the same time!  Wait, did we mention we love giraffes and sneakers and now they’re combined!


The other funky style is the camouflage (green, brown and black) design.  This cool and much needed print of the season following through to next summer is emblazoned on the supergas shoe.  These can be worn with any style you like as long as you are not doubling up on prints.  

If you are going to stick to a print across your outfit then try to only repeat it in a scarf in order to compliment the shoes!  This touch of print on your shoes will instantly transform you into a fashionista without even trying too hard.


Both come in the cotton lining version and and their signature rubber sole.  

If you want to combine trend and sophistication, then the third design is the one for you.  

The idea, spawned by two Italian brands, brings a leather upper print of a crocodile skin effect, cotton lining, a 4cm platform and cured natural rubber sole. This is only available in black.


(Photos from

The Blonde Salad isn’t the only designer range from Superga.  There is an especially popular range from The Man Repeller that was launched earlier this year.  

We can’t wait to get your hands on these, and hope you get to buy them too!  

Both models will be available as a limited edition from October 28th so make sure to order yours ASAP!

Power your Night Out…with this Purse Phone Charger!

No longer will you have to wait until you get home to post your night out pics on instagram, or facebook!  Welcome a world where you don’t need to carry a spare charger pack with you or ask others to charge your phone at the club in order to keep your phone alive!  

Introducing the Mighty Purse. No, it not a 90’s superhero targeted at girls, in fact it’s the new fashionable purse that has an inbuilt charger in it.  Stop the press…I’m SOLD!

So far, all I can think is WOW and how does it work?! Now, a night out charged by fun and your iphone battery isn’t a problem anymore. What more could we want?  Well fashion I guess!  And it’s there too - the purse actually looks great as a clutch too.


The Mighty Purse is a leather clutch bag with a external battery charger built inside, so that you never run low on juice.  The charger has the power to be able to charge your phone fully twice before you charge it again, so no matter how many selfies take, or how many  post on instagram you upload, you are sure to be juiced up for the whole night out without a worry. Just don’t forget to charge the purse when you get home. The only thing you’re going to have to worry about the whole night is who’s going to fill your glass when it goes empty.


Image source:

Now we’ve heard of portable phone chargers before, and infact the fashion pop girls never go without their external phone chargers at all times, but nothing has been as cool and attractive as this cute and lovely clutch purse with the charger in-built.  The purse comes in many colours which include black, tan and metallic designs, all of which come in real leather.

Fear it won’t fit your other necessities  Well, it’s also roomy enough to fit your keys and your money inside and it even has card slots. The only downside we can see is that it costs a whopping £84.99. It’s not the cheapest clutch on the market but it has a charger built in so we can’t really complain. 


But it does works with all iPhone and micro USB phones as well as all other types of phones.

It certainly is a lot prettier and sexier than having to remember to pack a battery pack in your bag every time you go out.  The space saved could be used for your new lipgloss!

dd3efece3b8711e3a7ed22000a1f8f24_7.jpg (612×612)

Image source:

This fusion of fashion and function brings technology to the fashion world, with great success!  We love it so far and can’t wait for more stuff like this comes our way!  


Why you Need a Blazer this Fall

If you are anything like the Fashion Pop girls, you have busy lives and sometimes need to jazz up your day outfit and convert it into a night outfit to save time!  What better way than to throw on that perfect key blazer and continue on your night!

With our busy and professional lives, the perfect blazer is a must.  Why? well it totally changes the way you look, and feel.  The blazer can change the way people look at you as a so-called daytime fashionista as well as in the work place. Either way, it can help you reach higher places. effortlessly.  

Now, we are not saying that you can only look good if you wear a blazer, but the effects of a key ingredient in your outfit can make all the difference.

Look at the gorgeous Jessica Alba.  She has a fairly casual outfit on, and with the touch of a stylish and well fitted blazer, she looks professional, cool and sexy all in one.  She looks like she means business and isn’t afraid to show it.  

fashion pop

When it comes to choosing the prefect blazer, follow these rules and you will be hot and sexy: 

It seems that its all about the tailored look. Here’s a cheat sheet to making yours fit like a second skin.

- It is vital that it be fitted across the shoulders, but not stretched taut.

- The hem of the blazer should skim your hipbone.

- The sleeves should hit mid-thumb when your arms are straight in front of you (and you can customise it as you feel by rolling the sleeves up a little). 

- You should be able to button it without it pulling, but it should retain its silhouette when worn open.  Don’t worry if it doesn’t close all the way because more than likely you wont be wearing it closed anyway.

A Navy blue blazer from Zara. Simple, elegant and long lasting fashion-wise.


Remember that you are the main attraction and not the blazer, so go for a style that has longevity and class and that you can wear for years to come.  Don’t go for harsh colours, or crazy patterns if you can’t afford to buy a new one in the near future.  I like the simple colours like black and navy blue or a chic white. Remember to keep it simple.

Zara’s Blazers are very well cut. Here is a chequered blazer in their line this fall.


11 Perfect Ways a Man’s Suit Should Fit

How should a suit fit?  Surprisingly, many men don’t really know the answer to that question but here’s a real useful and simple guide on how your suit should fit.

The team at Real Men Real Style created this simple suit fit chart posted below. Check it out and if you see a man wearing a badly fitted suit, kindly show him this and be on your way.

a real man's suit guide

After all, there’s nothing worse than a man in a bad suit. Just ask Gabriel Macht who plays the dashing and perfectly suited Lawyer Harvey on USA Network’s Suits.

5 Reasons Why Robert Pattinson Will be a Great Dior Man

First of all. Look at that face! Who wouldn’t want that face leading their new campaign? Well, we know someone who did and that was Dior for their new Homme Fragrance.

Robert Pattinson for Dior

(Robert Pattinson for Dior Photo: Dior)

Ok, so rumour has it we have to wait until 1st September to see the whole campaign live. Boo!

Here’s the 5 reasons why Robert Pattinson will be a great Dior man:

  1. His chiseled cheekbones How could anyone resist?
  2. His natural suave sophistication - He’s English isn’t he? and he sure knows how to wear a suit (as every man should).
  3. THAT not-so-perfect-but-we-love-it-anyways nose - nobody’s perfect but his imperfections look delicious and fit him perfectly. 
  4. This might mean that he’s never doing a teen vampire movie again! - never again please! We know he’s a great actor, and he has a lovely face; he doesn’t need those silly pale ‘people’ anymore.

The latest from Dior:

"Today we are excited to announce that he will join the privileged circle of Dior faces. Photographed by American artist Nan Goldin and filmed by French director Romain Gavras, this new Dior Homme communication campaign is currently broadcast exclusively in Europe (except UK) and Asia (except China and Japan),".

Robert Pattinson for Dior

A pensive gaze from the Hollywood actor [Dior]

(Robert Pattinson for Dior Photo: Dior)

Dior so far has revealed two images taken from behind the scenes of the new Dior Homme campaign. They were tweeted from the Dior account which were accompanied by the simple yet exciting words, ‘stay tuned’.

We can’t wait. 

UPDATE: Here’s the video!

Adorable Fashion: 5 Reasons Why you Need to Know Alonso Mateo

We love fashion, and we love pop culture and when those two come together, you get Fashion Pop!

The FashionPop team came across a little fellow who just loves fashion, and isn’t afraid to show it to the world. Infact, he has used our fave photo sharing platform to show us his swagger and style. Meet Alonso Mateo. This little fashion-icon posts daily trendy selfies of his personal style on his Instagram account. His adorable poses make it all that cuter and stylish.  Perhaps a future fashion big shot?

In each gram pic, he strikes a confident pose, hand nearly always in pocket, looking off into the far distance. The pics could be right off the fashion pages of GQ but they’re not.

The quality is so good that these micro fashion shoots with uber cool location such as palm trees, swimming pool and of course some cute dogs, look like he is prince of fashion and is loving it too.

He certainly has created quite a buzz on social media platform instagram, and its ever growing.  

With a fashion stylist mother, lets see how the tiny guy impresses us fashion lovers!

1. He knows how to pull off shades 


(Image from Alonso’s Official Instagram account:

Everyone loves to wear shades, especially in the summer and when you look cool wearing them who can resist.  Some can pull of some styles while others make the glasses look seriously uncool (you need to know what suits your face).  Alonso, with his perfect swagger, can wear any pair of sunnies like they were made for him and still make you wish he was your baby brother.  His particular favourite style are aviators but anything goes for this little guy.


(Image source:

2. He loves a good blazer 

The boy likes to keep warm in style!  What can we say?  We love it! Maybe he will be the new royal baby’s style adviser for tot fashion? One of his favourite style trends is to colour coordinate his blazers. He wears them with jeans, a dress shirt, and he has even tried timeless smart blazers. Cute cute cute!  


(Image from Instagram:

3. He dresses better than most guys we know

It’s every girls dream to have a son one day that we can dress to perfection but whats important is that, like many of the great leaders of the world, he has a wonderful woman behind him.  Alonso’s mother is the woman behind the little man’s success, being a stylist herself, she goes shopping with the little man at every opportunity and helps him decide on all the cute outfits he wears.  Together, the Mateos are real style icon we should be watching.  

4. He follows the rules of fashion 

He doesn’t mix colours that could clash, and he certainly doesn’t wear socks with sandals! Now that we think about it, he hasn’t been in a pair of sweatpants in any picture we have seen.  Pure fashion all the way and its just a shared hobby for him and his mum (awww).   

5. He is grounded, despite all the attention

He’s cool as a cucumber, and a good boy!  


(image from:

Conclusion?  We love him and can’t wait to see him grow up into a man with followers who love and emulate his fab style!  

Burberry Finally Proves that Leopard Print Can be Chic

Burberry always gets it right!

This time the creative noggins behind Burberry (Mr.Christopher Bailey) have brought Sienna Miller and her fiancé Tom Sturridge on board as the new faces of Burberry and they just did it in a verrry sexy way.

Not only did Burberry make me love the trench coat again but they have sealed the deal in my love affair with Leopard Print ANYTHING!



Speaking about the shoot, shot by Mario Testino, Burberry Chief Creative Officer Christopher Bailey said: ‘This was a shoot full of love and laughter. It was such a treat to work with Sienna and Tom, and to capture their magic together.’

Check out the video here. It’s super hot!

So, after all of that…these are the 3 items that i want RIGHT NOW!

1. The Leopard print sunglasses

2. The Leopard print shoes (his and hers)

3. THAT Leopard print handbag!



You can never have too much Leopard print in your life, right?

(Source: Daily Mail)

The 5 Wimbledon Essentials you Can’t be Without

My all time favourite sporting event of all time is none other than Wimbledon! (Can you tell i’m a big fan? Ok, let me calm down for a minute…)

Anyway, back to the topic. Wimbledon will be rolling round to SW19 in the coming days and if you’re lucky enough to get time off work and visit this Great and historic sporting venue for one or more of the games set to play at the All England Lawn and Tennis Club then you better be ready for the fashion show ensue for the grounds.

Game, set and match: here’s some tips on what to wear to south-west London’s favourite summer sporting event, Wimbledon.


1. Bring your Umbrella!

If you coat dooens’t have a hood, then invest in a classic looking and strong umbrella. Just don’t pull it out when you’re watching a match, it might block someone’s view.


(Burberry Umbrella)

2. A sturdy yet light Rain Coat

Since its England, and summer doesn’t guarantee dry sunny days then be sure to wear your raincoat or trench for the day. Anything rainproof and with a hood (you know so that you don’t block people’s view with an umbrella - it is a polite affair after all…) will do but why not make it fashion worthy? Try a mid-length trench in beige, navy blue or black to look chic and perfected to the tee.



3. Sun shining or not, bring your trendiest shades

Even though you’ll be sitting around all day people watching, you still want to look trendy and theres no better way to make this happen then with a perfect pair of shades. It may not be sunny every minute but in that moment of shine, make sure you look the part. Tip: Don your specs even if its not sunny, its probably still bright enough to get away with it! Choose stand-out accessories to add flavour to a simple outfit.



4. The “I’m so prepared” Hat

As unpredictable the weather can be, it doesnt mean that it will always be cold and rainy. believe me, I have experienced some scorching moments as a spectator on the courts. The weather can change dramatically during the course of one 3-set match, so a sun hat will be a really useful item to bring with you to the event.


5. Whatever you wear, wear layers

A pair of nice trousers and tee, a lovely summer dress, or something more formal could be one of the many outfit combinations that you will choose to go with for the day.

But what if it suddenly becomes colder or warmer like i mentioned ^^ up there?

The answer to that is LAYERS! Bring a cardigan, blazer, or if you’re wearing something for the colder climate, make sure to wear something sleeveless underneath so that if it does get warm and balmy, taking off a layer can help your temperature levels cool down.




And don’t forget, your most important accessory will be a bottle of Water . A conveniently sized bottle of vitality will keep you hydrated during those tense match point and will make sure you are not left feeling tired and dehydrated.


Fashion Pop: Red Red Red Red - the Magic Colour!

The fashionable men of this fashion world always get sidelined for the ‘best’ dressed women out there but Gentleman’s Wear Daily highlighted the men in Milan Fashion week on their facebook page and we noticed one key to what could be trending this season! The colour Red!

Check out the full set of pictures from Milan Fashion Week here at Gentlemen Wear Daily’s Facebook page

A (anonymous) man in a Red Peacoat


Mr. Simone Marchetti aka The Satorialist in a Red/Burgundy Suit


Mr. Gianni Fontana of The Style Buff in a Red Scarf


Mr. Angelo Flaccavento in a Red Beanie


Mr. Karl-Edwin Guerre in Red Trousers


Mr. Angelo Flaccavento (again)…in Red Gloves


Mr. Maga Umkhaev in a Red Belt


Whether you’re Male or Female, how are you going to include the colour Red into your style this spring season?

The 4 Best Dressed at The Oscars 2013 

This year’s Oscars ceremony brought in the classic, simple and elegant look from the ladies and men hitting the red carpet and attending the show. The colour that took the red carpet by storm? None other than the subtle and glorious Cream.

Here are our creme de la creme of the hottest and best dressed celebs at the Academy Awards 2013.

Jennifer Laurence in Dior Haute Couture!

The Best Actress award winner of the night, Jennifer, wore this voluptuous Dior Haute Couture dress. It was a bit much for her to carry off as she found it to trip her up as she went to collect her statue. She changed into something more comfortable for the famed Vanity Fair after-party. 


Just WOW!

Halle Berry in Versace

At this year’s Oscars, the 46-year-old wowed the audience in a plunging metallic Versace gown on the star-studded red carpet.


Salma Hayek in Alexander McQueen
Salma Hayek did not disappoint in this stunning and exquisite gown by Alexander McQueen.


Naomi Watts in Armani Privé

This dress was definately one of the show stoppers of the night. The Best Actress nominee stole the show at the red carpet with this dress from Armani Privé; with silver sequins and cutouts, this made the perfect statement - sexy, eye-catching and sophisticated. Perfect!

(Source: The Huffington Post)